Your Mind is a Battlefield. Be it’s Commander!

Updated: Sep 12

Your Mind is a Battlefield. Be it’s Commander!

YOU are your FIRST line of defense. Your victory or defeat lies in what you CHOOSE to believe. You can CHOOSE to think positively, have the victory and allow the Gods to go to work for you. Or, you can CHOOSE to think negatively and be defeated. The thing is, the choice is totally up to you and ALWAYS has been.

You have always had the power to shape your life because you and God are one (John 10:30)! And so it is unto you according to your faith/belief (Matt 9:29). This is not to say that victory is easy but it is assured, when you believe it in your mind and settle on it in your heart (Mark 9:23).

Controlling your army?

Your thoughts are your army and fight your battles for you. Are you armed with positive or negative thoughts? You see, your mind BELIEVES whatever YOU tell it! Therefore, It is imperative that you choose your thoughts carefully, because whatever thoughts you station in your mind will either bring you victory or get you killed.......

There is a saying, "Where the mind goes, the body follows." This basically means, where ever your thoughts go, your life will surely follow. Look at it this way. If you tell your mind, "I'm scared", your body experiences fear and attracts fearful situations. In fact, the very thought of fear raises your cortisol stress hormone and sends your body into fight of flight mode. On the other hand, If you tell your mind, "I'm the shit, the best there ever was, is and will be and I've got this", your endorphins rise, you feel happy, gitty and a sense of well-being. And for "No sense of humor, zipped too tight, holier than thou Prudish Paula", you can say something like, "God's got me and will never leave me nor forsake me." It works just the same, so you get the point. Any who, this is why it is IMPERATIVE that we are the protector and commander of our minds.

Hold the line or retreat

The key to winning the battle in your mind, is making the decision to hold the line or retreat, when things come against what you're believing and tests your faith. Sometimes, the fear (false evidence appearing real) can be SOO great, that it causes us to question our faith and retreat. And that, is how the battle is lost. And so the questions arise, "Why did you retreat and lose", "What was your training?" How can you train to hold the line and be victorious the next time?

I'll tell you how. Be vigilant of the music you choose to listen to, movies and television programs you watch and the company you keep. All of these entities are and have been programming you since the day you entered this world. They all tell you what to think, believe, feel, what’s true and what’s not, what is and isn’t possible. Therefore, your victory or defeat is greatly influenced by what you hear, see and the people around you (1 Cor 15:33). Yes, we are responsible for the people we allow around us. And oh yes, even family, ESPECIALLY family but we will talk about this later......... Click Here


Self-defense is a countermeasure that involves defending your health and well-being (physically, mentally and spiritually) from harm. And since we're perpetually under attack, we MUST learn to defend ourselves by seeing with a spiritual eye, instead of the carnal eye that the world has taught and encourages us to see with. You see, we put TOO much emphasis on the physical, causing us to loose sight of the spiritual world, which is where the war is waged. "For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places" (Ephesians 6:12). The "High Place" IS your mind!

So, set your mind to "Auto Self Defense" by training yourself to be vigilant of the things that are consistently being downloaded into your consciousness, by way of what you see and hear. Take for instance, you watch a movie about a person cheating on their spouse and you feel the emotions that the hurt person exudes through the screen. Now, the possibility of your spouse cheating on you has just been CREATED and you begin looking for the signs and more than likely will find them. After all, you've already FELT the emotions of it happening, when watching the movie. Remember, thought married to emotion creates!!!

Or, take for instance, you watch a movie/the news, see on social media or listen to a song about death, police brutality and prejudice. What happens is you accept, download and marry that energy. Then, you BELIEVE that it is true and thus calls forth and CREATE those situations in your life, unbeknownst to yourself. Then you unconsciously begin to look for and see similar situations all around you. My point is this, you cant watch, listen to and consistently download negativity into your consciousness and expect to be battle ready when the time comes. For, you can only pullup out of you and fight with what you've put in....

Taking Control

Remember, You ARE what you eat/consume mentally, physically and spiritually. So, weed out the bullshit that doesn't serve your higher vision of yourself. Your mind is the control center of EVERYTHING that happens in your life. How, you may ask, because everything and I do mean everything is but a mere suggestion. And, it is up to you to mentally accept it to be true for you or not......

It's really quite simple. Let me break it down, playa. Before you watch or listen to anything, ask yourself, "Do I want this to show up in my life?" If the answer is yes, then by all means, go for it. Conjure the thoughts, feelings and emotions and manifest that thang. But, if the answer is no, avoid it like the plague, along with every thought and every person that supports it's very existence. Capisce?

You've got this, Big Dawg! Feed your mind and spirit positivity AT ALL TIMES and it will show up in your life. Put your crown on, take your life back, command and rule your world......

PS. Kick Everything and Everyone to the Curb that Doesn't Align with YOUR VISION!

Love You, Do You, Because Can't Nobody Do You Like YOU, Boo!


April Askew

"The Fit Life Coach"

A dedicated Health and Fitness Life Coach with a Bachelor's in Psychology, whose passion is helping others shake off societal restraints, by helping them uncover and over come the basis of their belief systems, that prevent them from becoming their best selves and living their best life.

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