What To Do When Life Gets Tough!

Updated: Sep 13

Life hits us in a different way everyday. From day to day, we don't know how we're going to feel mentally, spiritually or emotionally. But, by the grace of God, we live to see another day, to get into the trenches of life.

But life can be hard, man. A lot of us have people depending on us, whether we're married or single and that load can get heavy. On top of that, society has us soo fixated on being accepted and likable to everyone, that we can sometimes lose ourselves and fall victim to the bullshit.

The other morning, my eyes opened and I immediately began to think of ALL of the things that I needed to do for the day. I mean, I really got lost in it, to the point I just couldn't move. The more I laid there, thinking of all the tasks the day held for me, the more I sank into my sheets, dreading the day. I told God, "Not today, Lord, not Tuh-day".

Hearing God's Voice

As I laid there, with the covers over my head, I could hear God say, "Slow down, I have given you all that you need to succeed. Take your rest child, as all things are on your time, as I have given you dominion over ALL things (Gen.1:26)." I took a deep breath and allowed the tears to flow freely, releasing all of the stress and tension that I held. For, it was just what I needed.

We must learn to cry out to the Lord, in times when we feel we can't go on anymore. "Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest (Matthew 11:28)." You see, in times of desperation, we tend to pick up the phone and call on another person for help instead of God. But another person can't do for you, what God can do for you. Yes, God can use another person to relay a message to you, but you must first cry out so, that God can orchestrate what you need.

You must have a relationship with God and believe that They exist! You can't put your relationship with God on the back burner and expect Them to hear you in your time of need. That's like having a relationship with someone, that is basically null and void and then one day they call you out of the blue. You probably won't answer because you don't RECOGNIZE the number!!! Because honey, let me tell you one thing about April. I absolutely, positively DO NOT answer numbers I don't know and I don't return the phone call either, honey! So check it out, you can't possibly expect God to hear you, if you're not nourishing your relationship with Them.

How To Get Unstuck

Now listen, as I was lying there, drenching my pillow in tears, snot and slob (oh yeah it got real, boo), I began to prophesy and speak over my self. All of my positive affirmations and scriptures came flooding to me at once and I began reciting them one by one, as they came to my rescue. "I am more than a conqueror through Jesus Christ, I Am Enough, My Feelings Matter, I Cannot Fail, I Am Divinely Protected, I have the Power to tread on Serpents and Scorpions and over ALL the Power of the enemy, etc......" Baby, when I tell you I was getting it together. Don't play with me!!

I laid there half the morning ministering to myself, powering up. I just took it easy for the rest of the day. I stayed in bed all day in prayer, spending time with God. I was no longer stressed, but happy, calm and at ease. It's amazing the strength you gain from staying in bed, crying, releasing, ministering to yourself and spending time with God. So, when you're tired, stressed, over worked, lost and don't know what to do, its okay to just STOP, RELEASE & LET GOD! Go do whatever YOU need to do, to refresh your mental, spiritual and physical being. There is Only ONE YOU, so do what it takes to make sure you are whole, healthy and happy.

Store Up The Goodies

What are you feeding your spirit on a daily? The thoughts you think and the words you speak, can be angels that come to your rescue or demons that pull you down further.

Take inventory of the music you listen to, the movies and television programs you watch. They are downloading to your mind & spirit. Your mind and spirit will only mirror back to you what you put into it.

Negative, unhealthy drama in and you'll get negative, unhealthy drama out. Positive, healthy, loving material in and that's what'll be mirrored back to you in your time of need. It's as simple as that!

So, make sure you are listening to and watching positive material. Yes, you may have to give up some of your favorite t.v shows or musical artists but it's worth it for your mental, spiritual and emotional well being. Store up your mental & spiritual goodies, by creating mantras of things you want to show up in your life and how you want to feel such as, I Am Healthy, I Am Financially Abundant, I Am Free and Happy, I Am Peace, I Am Loved, My Feelings Matter, etc. Write them down and take time to say them EVERYDAY with feeling and emotion and EXPECT to experience them NOW!

You've Got This

Some days we're thrown off and can't get motivated. It's okay, shake it off and prepare for your TOMORROW by intimately caring for yourself (whatever that may look like) TODAY. Do whatever it takes to realign your mental, spiritual, emotional and physical being. That could mean laying in bed all day crying, releasing, connecting with God and prophesying over your life, a spa-day or bro-day. But just remember to to tune in and cultivate your relationship with God.

And above all, remember that sometimes you just need to "Let Go and Let God!"


April Askew

"The Fit Life Coach"

A dedicated Health and Fitness Life Coach with a Bachelor's in Psychology, whose passion is helping others shake off societal restraints, by helping them uncover and over come the basis of their belief systems, that prevent them from becoming their best selves and living their best life.

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