Don’t Get Complacent. She Needs it Too!

Updated: Sep 12

You're Losing Her!

She doesn’t reply as quickly as she used to. Your calls go ignored, quite frankly because she’s bored. Her words aren’t as sweet. She's no longer flirty with you because her interactions with you just leaves her feeling incomplete. She can't remember the last time she came so she refuses your touch, that has become soo mundane.


You don’t listen when she speaks and she no longer trusts you with her heart and innermost parts. You’re uninterested in the things that push her buttons and excite her. Your conversation is monotonous. You don’t engage her in mentally stimulating conversation, nor support her dreams, goals & aspirations.

You got busy, distant, distracted and lost the passion that you once displayed. There’s no spontaneity. You’re predictable. You come at her and fuck her in the same way in the same place every time. And Sir, that same hunch & punch combo has become SOO lame!

You’re timid, afraid and reluctant to step out of the box to try new, different and exciting things, leaving her with unfulfilled burning desire. Then you wonder why her touch turns cold and fleeting.

For far too long, it has been touted that men want to be intertwined in the fleshly divine more than women. Oh but a man would be surprised at what he’d find, if he were granted a field trip through a woman’s mind. He wouldn’t be able to comprehend that his wildest dreams are nothing more than child’s play, considering what she schemes.

A woman CAN ask for WHAT she wants, WHEN she wants it, HOW she wants it & WHERE she wants it! And there’s nothing wrong with an assertive woman that knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to ask for it. Shiiid, closed mouths don’t get fed boo and if men would put they’re pride to the side and be honest, they’d admit that they like that shit too..

But don’t get it twisted, She-Ra is ALWAYS excited when Aggressive He-Man comes to play! No woman wants a timid man that she has to tell what to do ALL the time!! So, men take charge sometimes. Be assertive, grab her and have your way with her. Tell her what you're going to do to her so, she can feel you coming before you even begin.

Flirt with her during the course of the day with naughty looks, sneaky feels of her erogenous zones, asserting to her that, that's your shit, while looking her in her eyes. Send her dirty little texts of promises that you'd BETTER keep so, she looks forward to seeing you.

Moral of the the story - Don’t lose your woman because you’ve become complacent because you’ve been together for a while. Don't lose site of passion and satisfying your woman, chasing a dollar. Prioritize and support her and she'll help build the castle.

Life is meant to be LIVED EXCITINGLY on the EDGE. Now stop obsessing over what other people think and go bend her over someone’s balcony, snack on her in the elevator, play inside her world, while sitting at the dinner table, and have a “Fucktastic” Time😜

Oh & Ladies, this goes for some of y’all unsupportive, boring, same position asses too! So, step it up!!!

P.S - For you conservative, uptight prudes(male & female):

Sex is as natural as the air we breathe and NO ONE should be ashamed of being in touch with their sexuality. If someone hadn’t had it, you wouldn’t be breathing the stale ass air you’re breathing now, so relax 🍹

FAR TOO many people’s relationships are on the rocks and getting divorced, because people are too childish to have these conversations…..

We Grown Over Here!

Now Stop That Bullshit & DO BETTER!

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