CUT IT!! They Are Not Your Family nor People!

Updated: Sep 12

In today's society, many people suffer from a plethora of allergies. A lot of these allergies can be severe and even deadly. Therefore, people with such allergies must be cautious not to come into contact with such allergens. They take precautionary measures, like reading the ingredients on things, BEFORE they allow them to come into contact with their bodies. Even if something LOOKS the same as they've already had, they go through a checklist to MAKE SURE that what's INSIDE the product isn't deadly!

The strange thing is, when it comes to people, we don't do this! If a person is the same skin complexion as us or born into the same family, we AUTOMATICALLY designate them as "Our People", without giving it a second thought..... As people, we do this to our own detriment, over and over again. And then, we actually blame the person that we've ALLOWED into our lives for hurting us, instead of taking responsibility for not taking the time to investigate their ingredients. We tend to be more cautious about physical allergens than we are spiritual allergens! Why are we like this? Why do we not check the ingredients of a person before aligning ourselves with them?

Societal Programming

People seem to mimic what they see. Think about it.... Your WHOLE LIFE is probably built on a collective mesh of everything your parents taught you, things you've seen on television, stories you were told and taught in school, church, things you've heard on the radio, etc. And we eat it up without giving it a second thought. Through these collective entities, society has programmed us to believe that people of the same bloodline and ethnicity are the MOST important things in life, and to overlook and forgive a multitude of grievances, no matter how bad they perpetually treat us and their behavior goes unchanged. This is a grave error!

I can almost guarantee you that the most hurtful and atrocious things have been done to you by someone of your SAME skin complexion. That person that is the same skin complexion as you, can be rotten on the inside and detrimental to your very existence, and yet you'll stand there and call them your brother, sister or your people, because someone TAUGHT you that.

Have you ever stopped to think about who you'd be if you weren't MISINFORMED about who you really are??? Why do we take other people's stories and what happened to them and make them our own? People are literally programmed and brain washed the moment they enter this world, by beings that don't even know who or what they are or even where they are.....

Who You Really Are

People have been fooled into thinking that just because a person has some of the same physical features as they do, that they are the same or they are they're people. Nothing could be further from the truth! We've forgotten that we are 'immortal spiritual beings', because we've been programmed to believe that we are mere helpless humans, subject to the outside world around us. The truth is, we've actually traveled here through our mothers but we don't belong to them. Our mothers are only the conduits through which we enter this world, but we have our own individual identity, purpose and journey through this world. You are in this world but not of this world(John 15:19)

Ethnicity and Family

You see, family isn’t what you think it is. We’ve been taught that if we’re born of the same blood line that we are family. This isn’t so. A person can be born of the same bloodline or have the same skin color as you, but that DOES NOT make them your family or your people. We put TOO much emphasis on the physical, causing us to loose sight of the spiritual. We are all spiritual beings, wearing a mask. A person can be of the same bloodline or have the same skin color, hurt you and cause you the most pain in this world or even kill you. That is because the spirit behind the mask (fleshy body) is at total war against your spirit, and because of the mask they were ASSIGNED to wear in this world, are often successful in getting close enough and staying close enough to fatally wound and defeat you.

We MUST learn to see with a spiritual eye instead of the carnal eye that the world has taught us to see with. The color coding, ethnic, religious systems (white, black, brown, yellow, Asian, Hispanic, African American, Jewish, Christian, Protestant, Catholic, etc) are really a crock of shit and has really manipulated and blinded the whole world to the truth of who and what we really are. These systems have caused people to cling to the very people that are detrimental to their being, all in the name of family, ethnicity and religion.


It is NOT a person's skin color that you ultimately connect with. It is the person’s SPIRITUAL BEING, inside their avatar that you actually connect with and find kinship. Never forget that we are all spiritual beings wearing masks.......So, do your due diligence of investigating the ingredients of a person BEFORE joining forces and calling them "Your People", regardless of ethnicity, or the bloodline (1John 4:1-6). Remember, Cain did kill Abel (Gen 4)......

Promote and Demote people in your life according to your spiritual connection to them, not their bloodline or color of their skin! If you have that family member that is ALWAYS negative, saying and doing things to hurt you, etc, then you need to sever ties with them. They are not your people but a spirit sent to wreak havoc in your life and deter you from your true life's purpose here.

It's the same with a spouse or a friend. No matter how long you've known them or have been with them, if their spiritual energy is off more than it is on, CUT IT! That person that is constantly screwing up in your life, apologizing for it but doesn't change their behavior, CUT IT! Plain and simple, they are not for you and NEVER have been. They're spirit has strategically been placed in the right avatar, in the right position, in your life, to derail you and keep you stuck!

Open your eyes, take the blinders off and come from behind the smoke screen of illusion. Stop looking at people's outer container and take the time to see what the INSIDE ingredients are. "Your People" are the people whom have the same SPIRIT and mindset as you, not the same skin color or bloodline!

Take your time, watch and test the spirit BEFORE connecting. If you're already attached to spiritual beings at ought with your spirit, CUT IT, before it's too late........

Love You, Do You, Because Can't Nobody Do You, Like You Boo!


April Askew

"The Fit Life Coach"

A dedicated Health and Fitness Life Coach with a Bachelor's in Psychology, whose passion is helping others shake off societal restraints, by helping them uncover and over come the basis of their belief systems, that prevent them from becoming their best selves and living their best life.

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