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"Don't compromise yourself. YOU are all you've got."

Replace every "What if"


"Why The Fuck Not"

You ARE Your Priority

Fuck what they think

It's Okay To Start Over

Look in the Mirror & Smile You're Beautiful!

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Parenting & 


  • Improve Communication Skills

  • Create Parenting Synergy

  • Manage work/life balance
  • Develop Home budgeting and Organization

  • Organize Family Fun 

  • Increase emotional intelligence

  • Develop quality time and date night functionality 

  • Get your sex-life back after baby, etc

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  • Improve Communication Skills

  • Manage work/life balance
  • Develop Home budgeting and Organization

  • Develop quality time and date night functionality 

  • Increase emotional intelligence

  • Develop and increase sexual communicaton

  • Learn each other's love language

Just take a deep breathe and say,

"Fuck that shit"



      After Divorce

  • Learn how to let go, get on your feet and move on (NO, it doesn't involve getting under or on top of a new person)

  • Learn to manage your mind to create and command your world

  • Find and Learn yourself all over again and become un-fuck-withable

  • Learn skills to pickup the pieces of your old life, throw that shit away and create a new masterpiece and shine your ass off

  • Create a budget and learn to manage your finances

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Life & Personal


  • Learn to manage your mind to create and command your world

  • Discover/Develop Your Inner Talents and unleash the bad ass you are

  • Develop & Improve Time Management

  • Create Work/Life Balance

  • Improve and Enforce Your Morals & Standards

  • Find Self-worth and improve leadership skills

  • Create a budget and learn to manage your finances, etc

Remember, screaming "FUUUUUUUCK" to the top of your lungs IS therapeutic, no matter what anyone tells you...

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Hi, I'm April Askew and I'm here to assist you on this ride called "Life." With a Bachelor's in Psychology and being seasoned in spirituality & self-help, I've assisted people from all walks of life to achieve their goals.  Therefore, I am confident that as your life coach, we can get you on the road to success, whatever that may look like for you. Working with me as your life coach, you get someone with REAL life experiences, NOT someone hiding behind a façade. 


  • Are you struggling to co-parent your children while in the same home or after a breakup or divorce?

  • Are You getting divorced and don't know how to pick up the pieces?

  • Are you struggling to get on and stay on the same page with your spouse?

  • Are you lost on discovering who you are and what your purpose is?

  • Are you stuck trying to figure out how to achieve your fitness goals and maintain a healthy lifestyle?


Let's work together and put you on the fast track to developing the fulfilling harmonious life we both know you deserve!


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like YOU BOO"

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