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To Love God is to Love one’s self.  Our bodies are the temple in which the Holy Spirit (God) indwells.  So, if we love God, we MUST be vigilant of the things we allow to enter God’s temple.  


The majority of Christians focus on pointing fingers to the outside sins of others, while neglecting to recognize the biggest sin of all, that they’re committing themselves (KILLING THE TEMPLE IN WHICH GOD INDWELLS).


If we are  feeding the temple things that cause sickness and illness (high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer, high cholesterol, obesity, etc), then we can't proclaim that we love God and portraying ourselves to be hypocrites, because we're actually KILLING the temple in which God resides. 


How can God grant us long life if we’re committed to killing ourselves? It’s utterly impossible because we’re actually working against God and not with God! 


This book provides you THREE DIFFERENT Fasts, that will not only align your mind, body and spirit but will also put you on a path to correctly loving and nourishing your temple, so that you’re creating an environment, in which God CAN grant you long life and prosper you………..

Inside, you will find Fasting tips, recipes, videos, and shopping lists to aide you on your journey.




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This Program shows you how to reprogram your mind to support a healthy lifestyle as well as provide you with tips to care for your body.  After all, the old mindset is incapable of supporting a healthier you.  This 14-day meal plan that includes workout routines, with videos will jumpstart the journey to your best self!  A complimentary Detox plan is also included to set you up for success.  That's not all.  Join the Facebook support group , where I prepare meals live, give workout tips and answer questions.

10to 12 in 14 program