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DISCLAIMER: I am not a physician, health expert or dietician and cannot diagnose nor cure anyone.  I am sharing information and suggestions on according to my own experiences.  DO NOT use any information provided by Conversations with April or April Askew to replace any health care professional’s advice or care.  Conversations with April nor April Askew assumes responsibility nor can be held responsible for any harm nor health issues you have or may incur/develop by following/participating in any program offered or any use of the information/advice given.  You are the only one responsible for any health issues or conditions you may have or develop, i.e. high blood pressure/hypertension, diabetes, acid reflux, g.e.r.d, high cholesterol, heart disease etc.  Use this program at your own risk and take care to alter and substitute ingredients/seasonings according to your health issues or conditions. You are encouraged to consult your health care professional if you have any medical concerns.