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10 to 12 in 14 Weightloss Acceleration Program

The "10 to 12 in 14
Weight loss Acceleration Program"



This"10 to 12 in 14 Weight loss Acceleration Program IS NOT LIKE ANY OTHER WEIGHT LOSS PROGRAM YOU'VE TRIED!


It doesn't just focus on losing weight.  This program focuses on YOU AS A WHOLE (mind, body and spirit).  You are a three dimensional being, consisting of mind, body and spirit and ALL THREE aspects of your being MUST be in sync to get healthy, lose the weight and KEEP IT OFF!


"10 to 12 in 14" shows you how to reprogram your mind to support a healthy lifestyle as well as provide you with tips to care for your body, while losing weight.  After all, the old mindset is incapable of supporting a healthier you. 

What's included

14-Day All-Natural Meal Plan Prescription (each day includes breakfast, lunch, dinner &  snack).

Complete Shopping list for ALL MEALS, including seasonings! That's right! No more boring cardboard tasting meals.

Video Meal Prep Tutorials.


14-Day Workout /Body Toning Prescription

Weight Loss Self-Care Tips to love on yourself and prevent sagging skin.

How to Train Your Mind for Weight Loss Success.

 BONUS: Complimentary Detox Flush to prep your body and set you up for success.


BONUS: Exclusive Facebook Support Group, where I'll be live a couple times a week, to connect with you and answer your questions.  You'll also be able to connect and meet new people and encourage each other on this journey to a healthier, happier you!


Your Choice of a Motivational Tea Mug or T-shirt

PSST: Hurry and Put Your Name On the List

Either, you're in or you're out! And I do hope that you choose yourself and get on the list, as there will only be a minimum amount of slots open to participate in this amazing

one of a kind program.

Let's Love on Ourselves, Drop Some Weight and Get Healthy! 

10-to-12 in 14
Weight loss Acceleration program

Thanks! We'll Notify You When the Program Goes Live!

10 to 12 in 14 Weightloss Acceleration Program