Conversations with April
Hey Beautiful,

Before Him, Them and the Kids,
There was you...
                             Take Care of Her!

Health & fitness consult

Don't Stop Now!

You're F*cking AMAZING and You're Almost There!

Be Patient with Yourself and Love Yourself a little
bit more today!

Replace EVERY "What If"


"Why The F*ck Not"

You ARE Your Priority!

It is Okay to Put Yourself FIRST!

It's Okay To Start Over

Look in the Mirror

and Smile

You're Beautiful!




Helping Women to Get Healthy, Lose Weight, Keep it Off, Build Confidence and Feel Great Naked, by focusing on YOU AS A WHOLE!


You are a three dimensional being, consisting of mind, body, and spirit and ALL THREE aspects of your being MUST be in sync to get healthy, lose weight, KEEP IT OFF and flourish in all other areas of your life.


Remember, before Him, Them, and The Kids, there was you and YOU ARE STILL IMPORTANT!🤗

April Askew

Health & Fitness Coach

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April Askew

Conversations with April

"Love YOU, Do YOU, Because Can't Nobody Do YOU,

like YOU BOO"

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